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Pro-Tracking | Online Data Collection for Nursing Homes Wednesday, June 28, 2017
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Pro-Tracking Performance Measurement

Subscribing to Pro-Tracking is like having an instant QA department available at the click of a mouse. It can have a measurable impact on your resident outcomes and reimbursement.
The Quality Process
  • See what your MDS data says about your facility
  • "Mine" your MDS data for the real gold! Over 4 dozen reports and tools
  • Manage the entire QA process: current status, historical trends, analysis and correction
  • Chart audits: Pro-Tracking helps focus efforts for maximum efficiency
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Pro-Tracking's Unique "Standards of Care Audit"
  • Predict and prevent survey problems
  • Audit for data consistency
  • Pre-screen MDS files for coding errors, missed RUG elements
Did We Say Easy?
  • Point-and-click ease of operation
  • Web-based
  • No new computer skills to learn
  • Works with any clinical software system
  • Internet training and support
Pro-Tracking's low monthly subscription fee includes initial setup & training, on-going support and re-training as needed for new staff or just refreshers!
What Pro-Tracking Shows
The QMs you see are as recent as the last assessment on each resident! Look at the QM summary to see the QM trends in your facility for the last 12 months.
  • Do you know what your Quality Measures are right now?
  • Do they fairly represent the level of care you give?
  • How do your QMs look versus other facilities?
Improve Regulatory Compliance
Pro-Tracking provides the tools you'll need to improve your survey results. The QI Monthly Progress report monitors progress toward improving Quality Indicators, giving you more current information so you can be in control.
Improve Care -- Pro-Actively!

Pro-Tracking makes it fast and simple to identify residents at risk for behavioral and emotional issues, bladder incontinence, malnutrition/dehydration, ADL decline, pressure ulcers, and falls.

Recurring issues, trends, and patterns in survey results are readily identified with the Survey Tracking tools, enabling you to make pro-active changes.

Catch Charting Errors
Ongoing review is the cornerstone of any compliance effort, and the Standards of Care reports strengthen your ability to identify charting errors in time to correct them.
Consolidated Reports for Multiple Facilities
Connections Performance Measurement enables you to consolidate and analyze clinical data across all of your facilities. Compare by region, or individual facility. View totals company-wide without an expensive network. No additional cost.

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